Island Quizine

Tuesday, I had lunch with a fellow blogger and good friend, April.  Island Quizine is a Jamaican place that’s not far from her apartment.  So close, in fact, that we walked there.

And we needed the walk back after an awesome lunch!

The waitress asked if it was our first time there, and it was, so we received a sample plating of the jerk chicken, stew, curry chicken, rice and peas, and two of their drinks – the tropical punch and the pineapple/ginger concoction.  Yeah, that didn’t make the choice of what to eat any easier, because it all tasted SO good.

I ended up getting the jerk chicken – tasty, spicy, but a few too many bones in the mix.

2013-04-23_13-05-36_62 (300x169)

Oh yes, those are plantains on there – they were divine.  But not as divine as their homemade red velvet cake we had for dessert!!!  I’ve had some good red velvet in the past, but this was delectable, moist, and absolutely perfect!

Rating:  4 of 5 Forks!!


One thought on “Island Quizine

  1. This looks good! I think Austin has some Caribbean places that we’re going to try eventually, but I’ve also delved into looking for Cuban and Caribbean recipes to cook myself. I even have a plantain press! >_< But I found a recipe for plantain nachos that I want to make, except that I'll switch the cheese from Monterrey Jack (don't like it much) to white cheddar. 🙂

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