Juicy Turkey Burger w/Better than Fries side

I did this for the competition a while back.  I hate turkey, no matter how it’s cooked.  I just don’t like the flavor of it and I only eat it once a year.  But these came out so well, that I am making them more again this summer, minus the ginger snaps.

Juicy Turkey Burger


3 lbs. ground turkey

1 small yellow onion, diced

¼ cup of ginger snap crumbs (or substitute bread crumbs)

1 tsp. thyme

2 tsp. Meat Magic (combination of spices by Chef Paul Prudhomme)

2 eggs

2 tbsp. olive oil

1 tsp. salt

1 tsp. pepper

3 cloves garlic, minced

In a bowl, toss in the ground turkey, thyme, Meat Magic, salt, pepper, and eggs.  Using a rolling pin, I took the ginger snap cookies and ground them down to bread crumb consistency.

Pic 3 (2)

Toss into the bowl.  Dice up the onion and garlic then sauté it in the olive oil.  While this is sautéing, you can start work on the potatoes.  Let the onions and garlic cool a bit, until you can touch the oil without hurting yourself.

Pic 4 (2)

Put all of it, oil included into the meat mixture.  The added oil will help keep the turkey juicy!  Mix well and make patties as thick/thin as you like.

Pic 5 (2)

Cook as you desire.  It’s apparently summer here for the day, so I’ll be grilling!  These turned out so good, and the ginger snap gave it a really nice flavor.  I swear, I never would have thought it was turkey!!!

Better Than Fries Side


Russet potato

Olive oil

Sea Salt



Wash and dry your potato(s).  Carefully slice down, not going all the way through.  After slicing, wash them again, fanning out the slices a bit.  Place on a non-stick baking sheet.  Melt down butter and drizzle over the potatoes and then drizzle with olive oil.  Sprinkle with pepper and sea salt.  Feel free to sprinkle rosemary or other herbs you like on your potatoes!

Pic 6 (3)

Bake at 425 for roughly 40-60 minutes, depending on how big of a potato you picked out!  About 20 minutes in or so, I pulled them out to drizzle a bit more oil on them.   This makes the skin nice and crispy.  You can just pull the slices out when it’s done.

Also, add cheese in the final 5 minutes for even more tasty goodness!!

Oh, and here you go – me when I cook.  Yes, those are headphones – I need the music to drown out any noise from the ever irritating roommate and allows me to focus.

Pic 8


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