About This Chef

I was training to become a Chef. But things being what they are, I was given the opportunity to stay at home full-time and I took it. Even with no work, there is still not enough time in the day to get everything I want to do done. The fact that I’m involved with a few outside projects doesn’t help either.

I love cooking, cooking shows, and trying new recipes.  My palate has changed over the years, adding more life to my cooking.  I also love to bake as well, so expect to see a little bit of both here.

I also am a bit of a snob when I eat out, so don’t be too surprised to see a few reviews as well.  I frequent different levels of restaurants, because good food comes from everywhere … just not McDonald’s or Burger King. Ugh.

Baking is a Science.  Cooking is an art.


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