How I Cook & Other Things

As stated in my tag, baking is a science. There are scientific reasons why there are precise measurements and the order in putting it all together. Trust science, it’s a good thing. As such, you will find my baking recipes listed with exact measurements.

Cooking is an art. Measurements tend to go out the window and everything is pretty much done to taste. I go by what I like (so there tends to be a lot of garlic when it’s called for) and what my Man likes.  Also, spices in particular are different for everyone. Some people like a lot of pepper or salt, others don’t.  If you don’t like certain spices, feel free to substitute.  Cooking is about creativity and your own personal taste.

There will be times when I’ll recommend less or more of something – particularly salt – as some dishes will have ingredients that are already high in salt content.  Also, when dishes call for spicy ingredients (such as jalapeños or cayenne pepper) I tend to use a little less.  While I love spicy food, my intestines do not.  And what may be too hot for me, will be too weak for you or vice versa.

Either way, have fun, experiment, and most of all – ENJOY!


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