Can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything. Good news, spent yesterday trying new recipes from Pinterest – not always the greatest place to find stuff, but at least one was pretty good after I altered it a bit. LOL Will get those published in the next day or two.  I even remembered … More Wow

Nothing New

There have been no posts here in exactly one year.  Just when I thought things were going to give me more time, the Man and I started a business.  You can imagine the lack of time I’ve had for anything. I’m currently determined to post more, but this particular blog is going to have to … More Nothing New

Potato Salad

Okay, there are a million ways to make potato salad. Everyone has their preferred method, tricks, secret ingredients, etc. And while I would *never* claim to have the best, it’s pretty damn good. 🙂 I will recommend making it a day early. It tasted way better the second day, but isn’t that the way with … More Potato Salad

Zucchini Parmesan

Oh look, another dish using zucchini. You’ll get over it. But wait – I actually remembered the camera!!  This is a pretty good recipe, that is being altered for a much better taste. How you alter things is up to you, but I needed to doctor up the marinara sauce I had – garlic powder, … More Zucchini Parmesan